PatsCast Episode 18- With Jay Shields

Saturday, 28. August 2010

Listen here.

We called Jay up directly after the game, to get his insight on what happened and see if we couldn’t have some tempered analysis injected into the inevitable overreaction. The general theme of what follows is that young players will play like young players, and some of the guys who might have looked alarming will be fine, while some of the guys who looked fine may have been showing some cause for concern. Topics include:

  • McCourty: why he made the mistakes that he made, and what we can read into it
  • Brace: can he be an impact DE for us?
  • Chung: can he be the playmaker that we need in the middle
  • Vollmer: should we read anything into his struggles against Chris Long?
  • Gronkowski: is he even human?

Definitely give this one a listen; it contains some very specific insight that you simply won’t get anywhere else.

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