PatsCast Episode 16- with Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders

Tuesday, 24. August 2010

Listen here.

As some of our listeners may know, we’re huge fans of Football Outsiders, so we’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. In the podcast, we discuss Aaron’s optimistic outlook on the Pats for 2010. Specifically, we look at Brady and the offense in general from 2009, the relative impacts of Ty Warren and Logan Mankins, and the abundance of young talent on defense. We also go into some depth on Football Outsiders advanced statistics such as DVOA, YAC+, and SackSEER (with a discussion of Jermaine Cunningham’s prospects, too).

As Aaron points out, no one loss can end an era, and ultimately that’s what the Ravens game was. It was an ugly loss, but anyone who’s written the Pats off is being set up for a reality check over the next few months.

If you find this stuff interesting, I’d definitely recommend heading over to and grabbing a copy of the 2010 Football Outsiders Almanac. 600+ pages worth of content makes it a ridiculous bargain:

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